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Knife Crime First Aid Course by ProTrainings and the ForJodie Project

About the Course

ProTrainings is proud to present this Knife Crime First Aid course in association with the ForJodie Project. The course aims to provide training and first aid techniques to manage knife wounds and other catastrophic bleeds.

The ForJodie Project

The ForJodie Project was established in memory of Jodie Chesney, who tragically lost her life to a knife attack on 1st March 2019. Jodie was a dedicated scout, growing up in Barking and Dagenham, and advancing through the scouting ranks.

Goals of the Charity

The ForJodie Project aims to equip people with the skills needed to assist in emergencies involving knife attacks or severe injuries. By providing first aid training and bleed control kits, the charity hopes to improve outcomes for victims.

First Aid Training and Bleed Control Kits

The charity emphasises the importance of first aid training and the availability of bleed control kits, which include specialised dressings and equipment to manage heavy bleeding. These kits are placed in key community locations, such as train stations, pubs, and workplaces, where injuries are more likely to occur.

Accessible Online Training

The online course allows participants to revisit the material as needed, making it accessible for everyone to learn at their own pace. This flexibility enables a wider reach, potentially training many more people than traditional in-person sessions.

ProTrainings Support

ProTrainings UK supports the ForJodie Project by providing free online training, which significantly aids the charity’s mission to spread essential first aid skills.

Contact Information

For more information about the ForJodie Project and to get involved, visit their website at You can also find them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

By learning and spreading these crucial first aid skills, we can all contribute to making our communities safer and better prepared for emergencies.