Bleed kit signs from the ForJodie Project and ProTrainings

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Bleed Kit Awareness: Signs and Stickers for Visibility

Having a Bleed Kit available in your car, workplace, or home is crucial. However, it's equally important to ensure that people know about its location. If you run a business and have a Bleed Kit, you must make sure people are aware of its presence. This way, if someone is injured, they know where to find the kit quickly.

Signage for Buildings and Vehicles

Building Signs

We offer two types of signs to increase visibility:

  • One sign is suitable for both the inside and outside of a building. You can use a permanent marker to specify the exact location of the Bleed Kit. For example, placing this sign in an office window can clearly indicate where the Bleed Kit is located.

Vehicle Signs

The second type of sign is designed for vehicles. This sticker informs others that the vehicle is equipped with a Bleed Kit. This makes it easy to identify vehicles that have these kits, ensuring quick access in an emergency.

Importance of Community Awareness

The primary goal of having Bleed Kits in the community is to ensure people know they are available. These signs and stickers are the perfect solution for raising awareness.

Where to Obtain Signs and Stickers

If you need these signs or stickers, you can purchase them directly from the following websites:

By making Bleed Kits easily identifiable, we can ensure quick access to these life-saving resources in emergencies.