Public access bleed control kit

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Public Access Bleed Control Kit Overview

Introduction to the Bleed Control Kit

This public access bleed control kit is developed by ProTraining in collaboration with a knife crime charity. These kits are designed to be placed in prominent locations where there is a risk of knife attacks, terrorist incidents, or any events causing catastrophic bleeding.

Placement Locations

The kits are being installed in various locations such as shops, restaurants, pubs, railway stations, and alongside AED units to ensure they are accessible to the general public. They are also suitable for workplaces, outdoor pursuits, and other environments where medical emergencies may occur.

Kit Visibility and Contents

The kit is contained in a bright red bag for easy visibility. When opened, the kit has two key sides:

Gloves and CitizenAID Pocket Card

  • Gloves: Easily accessible pairs of gloves to provide a barrier against infection.
  • CitizenAID Pocket Card: A quick reference guide in picture format that provides instructions for various types of emergencies such as knife attacks, gun attacks, chemical attacks, and vehicle attacks. CitizenAID also offers an app as an additional resource.

Trauma Dressings and Emergency Supplies

  • Trauma Dressings: Two absorbent dressings for managing severe bleeding.
  • Celox Gauze: A haemostatic dressing that reacts with blood to help stop bleeding by packing the wound.
  • Resuscitation Aid: A face shield to assist with safe resuscitation.
  • Rapid Stop Tourniquet: An easy-to-use commercial tourniquet with a lever action for quick application.
  • Tamper-Proof Seal: Ensures the integrity of the kit and indicates if it has been opened.
  • Shears: For cutting away clothing to access wounds.
  • Marker: For noting the time of tourniquet or haemostatic agent application.
  • Silver Foil Blanket: To maintain the patient's body temperature, crucial in the event of catastrophic bleeding.

Contact Information

If you are interested in more information about these kits or wish to place them in your community, please contact us at You can also view these products on our website at