Haemostatic dressings

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Using Haemostatic Dressings for Serious Bleeds

What Are Haemostatic Dressings?

Haemostatic dressings are special dressings used to manage serious bleeds. They are widely used in the military and by paramedics, and can also be found in places where serious bleeds are more likely to occur, such as taxis and bars.

How Do Haemostatic Dressings Work?

Haemostatic dressings work by reacting with the blood upon application, effectively clogging the wound to help stop the bleeding. While you may not be expected to use these perfectly, having basic knowledge about their use could be lifesaving.

Using Celox

Celox is a haemostatic agent that typically comes in granule form. There are various methods for applying Celox, but it reacts with blood very quickly – usually within three minutes. Celox is an excellent substitute for tourniquets and does not harm the limb.

Learn More About Haemostatic Agents

If you would like to learn more about our courses that provide detailed instructions on the extensive use of haemostatic agents and dressings, please get in touch with us.

Understanding the basics of haemostatic dressings and agents can make a significant difference in emergency situations, potentially saving lives.