Woundclot and direct pressure

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The Transformative Power of WoundClot in Haemostasis

WoundClot ushers in a new era in haemostatic technology, offering an effective solution to stop bleeding without the need for external pressure. This innovative approach addresses some of the limitations of traditional compression and pressure techniques, notably in cases of severe bleeding or hard-to-reach wounds.

Traditional Bleeding Control Techniques: A Brief Overview

Historically, healthcare professionals have depended on methods involving direct pressure and compression to manage bleeding. However, these techniques may fall short in controlling severe bleeding or reaching difficult wound areas.

WoundClot: A Game Changer in Haemostasis

WoundClot distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to haemostasis. Unlike traditional methods, it halts bleeding without necessitating external pressure. Instead, WoundClot forms a unique gel matrix, which stimulates clot formation and boosts the body's natural coagulation process, effectively sealing off the wound.

This property proves invaluable in scenarios where applying direct pressure is challenging, such as deep wounds, irregular surfaces, or internal bleeding. WoundClot's no-pressure-required method of controlling bleeding represents a groundbreaking advancement in wound care.

Impact of WoundClot on Healthcare

Thanks to its extraordinary ability to rapidly control bleeding across diverse wound types, WoundClot has the potential to revolutionise emergency medicine, surgical procedures, and trauma care.

As healthcare professionals adopt this avant-garde technology, we can look forward to a future where uncontrolled bleeding is relegated to the past. This progress has significant implications for global healthcare, promising to save lives and enhance patient care worldwide.


WoundClot offers a revolutionary approach to haemostasis, providing a safe, effective, and pressure-free solution to stop bleeding. Its introduction marks a promising stride forward in wound care, signalling a brighter future in patient management and recovery.