Should You Remove a Knife

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Why You Should Never Remove an Embedded Knife

Important Warning

No matter what, do not remove a knife embedded in a person.

Reasons to Keep the Knife in Place

Prevent Additional Damage

Removing the knife can cause additional cuts as it exits the body, leading to more severe bleeding, especially if it severs another blood vessel.

Acts as a Plug

When the knife remains in the body, it acts as a plug, reducing blood loss. This increases the patient's chances of survival by preserving as much blood as possible.

Safety of Others

Leaving the knife in place ensures it cannot be used to harm anyone else.

Immobilising the Knife

To prevent further damage and bleeding, it is essential to immobilise the knife. Movement can exacerbate the injury.

How to Immobilise

Carefully pack either side of the knife to stabilise it and help control the blood flow. Continue this until Emergency Medical Services arrive.

By following these guidelines, you can minimise further harm and increase the chances of survival for the injured person until professional help is available.