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Welcome to the Knife Crime First Aid Course – A Collaboration with the For Jodie Project

We warmly welcome you to this essential Knife Crime First Aid Course, brought to you in association with the For Jodie Project. The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to knife injuries before the arrival of emergency services. More information about the For Jodie Project can be accessed in the student resources section.

Course Structure and Features

The course comprises a series of instructional videos, knowledge review questions, and concludes with a short test. This flexible learning platform allows you to start and stop at your convenience, always able to return to where you left off. Notably, any video content can be revisited at any point during or after course completion.

Device Compatibility

Our course is compatible across various devices, so you can transition between computer, smartphone, or tablet seamlessly. Wherever you are, your training can continue.

Supportive Learning Resources

Each course section includes additional textual resources that complement the video content, enhancing your understanding of the covered topics. Additionally, assistance is available for incorrectly answered questions to reinforce learning.

Accessible Features

The course includes subtitles that can be accessed by clicking the CC icon. Subtitle size and colour can be customised for your convenience. Furthermore, a smaller video player can be activated from the options in the bottom right of the main player, enabling simultaneous video watching and text reading.

Post-Course Access and Updates

Upon successful completion, your certificate and other relevant downloads can be printed. The course home page provides a plethora of supporting resources and links. We continually update our content, so make sure to check back regularly. You retain access to the course for eight months from the start date, even after passing your test.

Corporate Solutions and Support

We offer free company dashboards, perfect for managers responsible for staff training. For more details on our corporate solutions, feel free to contact us via email, phone, or our online chat service. Despite the course being online, we offer full support throughout your training journey.

Weekly Email Updates

All course participants will receive a weekly email every Monday morning, helping to keep skills sharp and introducing any newly added videos. These updates also include news from our blog. Subscription to these updates can be managed at your convenience.

Thank You for Choosing ProTrainings

We trust you'll find this course valuable and informative. Good luck, and thank you for choosing ProTrainings!