Woundclot and large areas

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Effectively Managing Large Area Wounds with WoundClot

WoundClot is an exceptional tool for controlling bleeding in large area wounds. In this guide, we'll provide a step-by-step process to effectively apply WoundClot on large wounds. Keep in mind, managing large area wounds is serious, and professional medical attention should always be sought promptly in cases of severe bleeding.

Preparation Steps

Start by wearing gloves to maintain hygiene and protect yourself from contamination. Next, open the WoundClot package and unfold the haemostatic gauze. Note, in real-world situations, all clothing around the wound should be cut away before application.

Applying WoundClot on a Large Wound

Apply the WoundClot directly over the wound. If the wound is extensive, multiple gauzes may be required. Ensure that the gauze covers the entire wound area and is in direct contact with the wound bed. Apply direct pressure over the WoundClot gauze for several minutes, facilitating faster clotting by encouraging clot formation.

Advantages of WoundClot

WoundClot promotes rapid blood coagulation and formation of a robust clot, effectively controlling bleeding, even in severe situations. Its unique ability to adhere to the wound site under challenging conditions ensures constant contact between the bleeding site and the gauze.

Post-Application Care

Keep a close eye on the wound after applying WoundClot to ensure bleeding control and the absence of complications. Unique to WoundClot, it can be dissolved using saline or water for a pain-free removal process by healthcare professionals. This stands in contrast to other haemostatic dressings that require surgical removal.

Utilising Larger WoundClot Sizes

In case of a large wound area, the 20x30 cm WoundClot is ideal. To open the package, tear at the small nicks in each corner. Once the WoundClot is removed, the gauze pad can be applied over the entire wound area. If the larger gauze size isn't available, multiple smaller pieces or strips cut from the 8x100 cm can be used instead.

Flexibility of WoundClot

The versatility of WoundClot allows for its easy tearing into the required sizes to avoid wastage and ensure effective coverage. This flexibility makes it a crucial component of your first-aid kit, enabling efficient management of various types of cuts and wounds.